7th & 8th Grades - Middle School

In middle school, study hall is offered during 7th period each day.  Students will be required to take semester exams in academic classes.  Student athletes are expected to be part of a weight training regimen which will be incorporated in the school day.   
Middle School Teams
6-8 Graders can participate on Middle School Teams  These teams compete other schools while learning basic skills in such sport as well as the invaluable lessons of being part of a team.  Details on try-outs, etc vary with sport.  Contact current coach for more pertinent information.  8th Graders are eligible to play on junior-varsity teams, pending need and skill level.  All student athletes will need to have a current Physical Form on file before eligible to practice. Middle School Sports include:
Softball, Football, Cheerleading, Baseball, and Basketball.
7th & 8th Atlanta Field Trip  (every other year)
This field trip to Atlanta includes tour of the Georgia Capital and other significant places.
4-H (University of Georgia Extension Service) 
Junior/Senior Club - 7th-12th graders in Burke County can join. This club meets monthly throughout the school year after school at the Office Park or another designated area. More Information
Weekly Chapel 
Thursday Chapel is student-led worship with various community leaders delivering the message.  Grades 5th-12th attend.