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K-3 Program


We are very excited to offer a K-3 program at Edmund Burke Academy.  The preschool years are an important period of development. We embrace the challenge to create a rich learning environment that will ultimately build a strong learning foundation for your child.  

Academic Structure

We will introduce and explore a world of learning through age-appropriate experiences, encouraging independence and self-confidence. 

  • Learn colors
  • Letter of the week (upper and lowercase)
  • Number identification, sequence
  • Basic math skills to include shapes, sorting, spatial concepts (in, under, on top of) and patterns
  • Phonics - introduction to sounds, letter combinations to make different sounds, etc. 
  • STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math)
  • Music will also be incorporated into our learning. Singing and dancing make learning fun!
  • Centers - helps students achieve individual, parallel and cooperative play with others.  This helps with social development while helping with fine motor skills. Activities may include stacking blocks, working puzzles, pushing or pulling toys, etc.
  • Motor skills development - holding and cutting with scissors, tracing and drawing shapes, correctly hold and write with a pencil, etc.
  • Language development - conversations, reading, sharing stories, describing a picture, etc.
  • Time Concepts - before, during, after, today, tomorrow, yesterday
  • Character Word of the Week - Coach Keller comes and shares a word of the week.  He explains what the word means and how we can implement it in our daily lives. For example: Share.  
  • Bible Verse/Devotional/Prayer/Pledge of Allegiance each day.

Students will have two recess times, a nap time (1.5 hours), lunch and a snack everyday, which will be provided by the school.


Our little learners will be required to bring a bookbag, nap mat in a pillowcase, a full change of clothes and lunch.

Students must be potty-trained and be able to take naps without a pull-up.  They must also be up to date on all vaccinations. The tardy bell rings at 8:05 and the afternoon bell rings at 3:00.  Prompt drop-off and pick-up are mandatory (late fees will apply). Afterschool is available until 5:30 p.m. for $155 a month or $20 per day ($20 late fee). 

Family atmosphere, loving environment, Christ-centered teaching, uplifting, encouraging and passionate teachers, years of proven experience - this is the Spartan difference!

Please call 706-554-4479 or visit for more information.