Tuition Fees & Policies


TUITION FOR 2021-2022

(Rev. February 18, 2021)


    Full Amount   12 MONTHS  
K-3   $5000 $416.67
K-4 & K-5       $5710 $475.83
GRADES 1-4 1st  Child  $6320 $526.67
  2nd Child  6095  
  3rd Child  6015  
  4th Child  Free  
GRADES 5-8 1st  Child 


  2nd Child  6440  
  3rd Child  6140  
  4th Child  Free  
GRADES 9-12 1st  Child 
  2nd Child  6760  
  3rd Child  6540  
  4th Child  Free  


EXAMPLE: Family has 3 children:

               10th Grade  -  $7,220

                7th Grade  -   $6,440

                1st Grade  -   $6,015


Oldest child pays highest fee in his grade level, second child pays 2nd fee in his/her grade level, third child pays 3rd fee in his/her grade level.


Per board policy, effective July 22, 2014, where applicable, every 4th child enrolling for the school year may attend free.  Registration for the 5th through the 7th child for same school year will be paid at the 3rd child rate.


Payment options
1. Payment in full at registration or by April 1, 2021
2. 12 equal monthly payments April 2021 - March 2022
3. Automatic Bank Draft

All payments not made in accordance to payment schedule carry a $30 per month late fee and $10 service fee for returned check. If any account becomes more than 30 days in arrears, children may not be allowed to attend class.

First payment (deposit) is non-refundable. Written request to Board of Directors is required for any other refunds or cancellation of contract.


Tuition Policy
  1. Tuition payments are made in 12 monthly installments beginning in April and running through March of the following calendar year.
  2. Accounts left unpaid after 10 days will be mailed a collection letter reflecting the past due balance, plus all late fees added.
  3. Notice will be mailed after an account is 60 days past due stating the past due balance with fees, plus the expected termination date of educational services of your student (s).
  4. Accounts unpaid by 90 days will be mailed a certified letter stating the specific date that educational services will be terminated and the student will not be allowed to return to school.
  5. Report cards, transcripts, diplomas, or any school records will not be released if any account balance is past due at the end of the school year.
  6. Students will not be permitted to take final exams or to participate in the end of year activities (including but not limited to Baccalaureate, Academic Awards Banquet, and Graduation Ceremonies) if any account balance is past due.
  7. Should an account become past due and School must take action for collection, then all collection costs including attorney fees, filing fees, late fees, or any other fees will be immediately added to Parents account as due and payable with all past due tuition.
  8. No student will be allowed to return in the fall for the new year if there remains a balance due from the preceding year.
  9. There will be a $10.00 fee assessed for all returned tuition, class or club checks. For excessive returned checks, Edmund Burke Academy reserves the right to request payment in the form of cash, money order, or certified check only.
  10. Edmund Burke Academy reserves the right to request the prepayment of tuition in full for an upcoming school term if excessive delinquent payments were experienced in the preceding year.
Refund/Withdrawal Policy
In the event a student withdraws from Edmund Burke Academy, the following policy applies.
  1. A $250.00 (per family) penalty is assessed for breaking the Enrollment Contract.
  2. Tuition is due through the end of the month that the student is last enrolled. Your enrollment is not terminated until you officially withdraw your child through our Counselor's office. Non-attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal.
  3. Report cards, transcripts, diplomas, or any school records will not be released until a student is officially withdrawn and all financial obligations are met.
  4. In the event a student is asked to leave the school, tuition is due through the end of the month that the student is last enrolled.
  5. In the event a student is withdrawn, all final outstanding payments of tuition, book fees, athletic fees, withdrawal fees, or any other fees, must be submitted to Edmund Burke Academy in cash, cashier's check, or money order. Should a personal check be presented for final payment, your student's transcript will be held and not submitted to the transfer school until such time payment is fully collected and cleared through normal banking channels which could be up to ten (10) days or later.
Adopted January 22, 2019