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GISA Accredidation Report

“The GISA Accreditation Visiting team thanks the Head of School and the entire Edmund Burke Academy community for their warm hospitality, extensive planning, and hard work throughout the accreditation process, culminating with our efficient and productive visit on campus.

From the moment of arrival, the feeling of “family” permeates the school culture as students, faculty, and administrators exhibit a kindness and caring for each other both formally and informally. As parents noted, Edmund Burke Academy is fortunate to have a history of passionate, caring faculty who create a “calm vibe” where students are “loved and cared for,” resulting in generational family longevity among all stakeholders.

Teachers set high expectations for students and strive to provide the pathways for accomplishing such heights. The faculty, staff, and administration exhibit a fervent commitment to the students and a collaborative spirit that

is contagious. The Christian-based values pervade the entire school community. Parents shared that students take pride in the fact that “my teachers teach me about Jesus” in a “home-like” learning environment where “family and faith” are paramount. The students and parents exhibit pride in their school and an appreciation for

the traditions that have continued through the years. Students shared their love of EBA with its “good teachers, athletics, and traditions,” creating a “blessed” learning environment where they feel part of a family. The Head of School has brought a renewed energy, commitment, and vision to the school, resulting in improved facilities, growth in students, and retention of faculty and staff. The administration is collaborative, collegial, and works as a team. The vision of the Head of School guided by the support of the Board, families, and community have put Edmund Burke on the road to expansion. The visiting team again extends thanks to the Edmund Burke Academy community for sharing their school community with us.


Accreditation Recommendation


“After a review of the entire Edmund Burke Academy School Report to include Responses to Standards and accompanying documentation, evidence of a continuous school improvement plan, and interviews with all constituents, the GISA Accreditation Visiting Team is pleased to unanimously recommend Edmund Burke Academy for accreditation. The GISA Accreditation Committee accepted the recommendation of the Accreditation Visiting Team and granted GISA Accreditation to Edmund Burke Academy on March 3, 2024.”


Paula Gillispie, GISA Accreditation Coordinator

Mr. Clayton Parrish, Headmaster Briarwood Academy

Mr. Travis Abshar, Head of School Tattnal Square Academy