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Edmund Burke Academy's educational goal is to provide the best possible education in a Christian environment conducive to learning. Honesty, integrity, courtesy and respect for the rights of others are a way of life.
Edmund Burke Academy is located in scenic Burke County. It was founded in 1960 supporting grades 1-8 based on Christian ideals and principles. Later, the school expanded to include grades 9-12 and had the first graduating class in 1971. Since its beginning the school itself has met in a variety of places ranging from a Masonic Lodge (which has since been torn down) to a building (where the Burke County Board of Education is housed today) to a home (the Brown House).
The present building was built by EBA families and volunteers who shared the same vision and wanted to provide the best for their children. Without this type of loyalty, work ethic, vision and sacrifice, our school would not be the family that it is today.
Edmund Burke Academy is proud of our 58 years of academic excellence. Edmund Burke offers a full college preparatory academic program, a full literary program, and a solid athletic program.
Public Benefits of Georgia's Independent Schools
Georgia Independent School Association (GISA) is an association of private, independent, and parochial schools throughout the state. The mission of GISA is to advance excellence and collaboration among Georgia's independent schools by serving the professional growth, advocacy, and interscholastic needs of member schools.
Within the United States, there are 33,366 independent schools, serving over 5.5 million PK-12 students. Independent schools account for over 25 percent of our nation's schools, enrolling 10 percent of all students1. Despite the number of schools offering independent PK-12 education and the number of students receiving such, the United States is one of the few industrialized nations that provide little or no support to independent schools.
AHERA Management Plan
The Edmund Burke Academy AHERA Management Plan is available for public inspection upon request at the Main Office. This notification is provided to fulfill the requirement of section 763.93(4) of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, 40 CFR Part 763, October 30, 1987. All interested parents, teachers, employees, or other persons are invited to review the plan which includes the following items:

  • Location, amounts, and types of asbestos containing materials in all schools and support buildings.
  • Response action to the asbestos containing materials, selected by Edmund Burke Academy.
  • Plans for reinspection, periodic surveillance, and operation and maintenance programs.
  • Public notification procedures.

Anyone interested in reviewing this plan should contact Edmund Burke Academy at (706) 554-4479.