K4 & K5

In addition to classroom activities, kindergarten students are encouraged to take advantage of other activities which promote sportsmanship, individuality and kindness. 
Here are a few of the opportunities offered to K outside of the classroom.
Cross Country (fall) 
Looks like a Great Day for a Run with Coach Ray Miller.  Students will practice running on campus.  An ocassional meet 'against' same age-range students from other nearby schools at the school or Magnolia Springs State Park.  Schedule varies.
KIddie Cheer Camp (usually during pre-planning) 
This is a camp held in the gym and led by the Varsity Cheerleaders.  Younger students will learn the words and motions to popular cheers.  
Big Buddy Program 
K4 & K5 students get a Big Buddy (11th & 12th graders respectively) to interact with monthly throughout the school year.  The 'buddies' will help create special projects, play games, and even fly kites.  Not only does this help to foster a family atmostphere but also provides a platform to assist all in social development.
After-School Program  
This program helps working parents who find it difficult to pickup child by 3:15.  Ms. Hammett is a certified day-care director.  Students need to be picked up by 5:30 (typically). There is limited space and availability.  Please complete Prospective After-School Candidate Information Sheet and contact Ms. Robin Hammett.  Subject to space availability and approval from After-School Director. 
Music Lessons (private) 
Music Director teaches piano and voice lessons on her own after school.  She offers private sessions.  If interested, please contact Mrs. Angela Joiner for availibility and rates.
Kindergarten Graduation (in May)  
At the end of the school year, students in K5 will have a program concluding in a graduation ceremony.  K4 provides entertainment during the K5 break which introduces K4 students to what to expect when they graduate.