1Edmund Burke Academy offers K-3 & K-4 pre-kindergarten programs. Children must be 3 & 4 years old repectively by September 1. In K-4, Reading Readiness, development of gross and fine motor skills, understanding the meanings of numbers, patterns & shapes and sorting & graphing are all parts of the curriculum. Students begin each day with devotional and calendar time. Center time is one of the highlights of our day. The students also participate in music, art, physical education and library time.. For more inforamtion on our   K-3 program, click HERE.
In K-5, the curriculum is dictated by the developmental progress of young children in such areas as language, mathematics, creative expression and self-help. The language arts program incorporates Reading Readiness, Saxon Phonics, D'Nealian handwriting, creative writing and literature. An emphasis in phonetic awareness, listening skills and letter blending add to the program. Saxon math develops skills in sorting, classifying, patterning, comparing, measuring, graphing, estimating, adding and subtracting. K-5 also enjoys special activities during the school week such as music, art, physical education and library time.
In all of our kindergarten programs, we encourage parental participation. Special days such as craft day, making gingerbread houses, field trips and party days require the help of parents or grandparents, or both. These special opportunities help develop an open relationship between parents, students and teachers. A better understanding of each other helps us to have one of the best kindergarten programs in the state.