EBA Fall Sports Picture Day August 3rd

Fall Sports Picture Day is August 3rd. **If you are not present and dressed at the time of your shoot, you WILL NOT be in the picture. There are no retakes, edits, etc!
Remember to place your order online using this link:
or return your completed order form on photo day.
If ordering online send a copy of your order/receipt with student on photo day.
Contact us at 478-237-8853 or [email protected] with any questions.
8:00 - Senior Parent & Student Group shots
Senior Football Players
Senior Group - football, softball & cheer
8:30 - Varsity Football Team
Varsity Football Team w/Coaches
Varsity Football Team w/Coaches & Cheerleaders & water girls
Varsity Cheerleaders
9:00 MS Football Team w/coaches
MS Cheer
9:30 Jr. Pro Cheer
Jr. Pro Football Team
10:00 Varsity Softball Team
MS Softball Team
8:00 - Varsity Cheerleaders - Individual
8:45 - Varsity Football Individuals & Coaches Headshots
9:15 - MS Cheerleader Individuals & Coaches
MS Football Individuals & Coaches
9:45 Jr. Pro Cheer individuals & Coaches
Jr. Pro Football individuals & Coaches
10:30 Varsity Softball Individuals - & Coaches
MS Softball Individuals & Coaches
*Ad pictures will be taken 10:45-11:15. *Gambrell is charging $15 per ad picture if you are not purchasing a package for that picture. You can also take your own picture for the football program separately.