EBA 2020 Basketball COVID Protocols

COVID Protocol for Basketball

  1. All spectators will be required to wear masks.  
  2. All spectators will have their temperature checked at the admissions gate.
  3. Signage will be posted asking spectators to social distance in the stands to the extent possible.  Each family is asked to sit as a family unit so as to better practice social distancing.  Young children need to sit with their parents and are not to roam around freely.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be placed in various locations in the gym and lunchroom.  All spectators are asked to use it frequently.
  5. Game safety measures put in place by the GISA will be used.  This is to include disinfecting benches between games and using multiple game balls. 

Note: These protocols are subject to change and are for EBA home games only.  Each GISA school was tasked with developing their own rules regarding basketball.  When traveling to basketball games, please comply with the host school’s guidelines.

Note: Should more restrictive protocols be needed to slow the spread of COVID-19, EBA reserves the right to do so.  Please follow these guidelines so that we can have a safe and healthy basketball season.  Our children will model what they see us do, not what they hear us say.