Halloween Costume Parade & Parties

Halloween Parade & Parties – Friday, October 30

  • Costume Parade:
    • 9:15 (This is our normal schedule 2nd period) on the football field. Students will
      sit by grade in the same locations they sit for fire drills. Grades will be called out
      over the loud speaker and will make a tour on the field before returning to their
      place in the stands.
  • COVID adaptations – Parents will not be allowed to interact with students. As a
    result, “group” costumes will need to be organized so that there is no parade day
    set up. Parents will sit or stand on the sidelines and away from students. Please
    observe social distancing on campus and wear a mask.
  • Elementary Parties – At this time parents will not be allowed at the Halloween
    Party. Parents can drop off party supplies/food with the main office or the K
    Building office.
  • In the event of inclement weather, this year’s parade will be canceled.
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