NEW Family Registration Begins MONDAY 5-7p.m. with no open house

At Edmund Burke Academy, we have taken extra precautions to help ensure your health and safety.

Please adhere to the following guidelines
1. Vehicles should be parked in the front parking lot only.
2. A greeter will issue you a registration number at the door and direct you where to go.
3. Enter the building through the front doors located on the right side only.
4. There will be limited persons in the library and lobby at any one time.
5. Please, Do Not bring your children to registration.
6. Hand Sanitizer stations are located in the lobby and library.
7. Disposable gloves will be available for your use.
8. Library, Lobby, and Restrooms will be sanitized periodically throughout the day.

After Registration is complete, exit the library, proceed through the lobby, and exit the doors on the right side only.
The Front Office and Hallways are closed except to the Registration Personnel. Click…/form/form.EDMBA.rTvEqLA.2aO… if you would like to receive your personalized registration packet via email.